Restricted Corporate Store


Company Store – Corporate / Free Items

IMPORTANT NOTE: This link is not to be shared as everything that you all order from this site will be free of charge (already paid for by the company) with the exception of shipping.

This Restricted Company Store site’s access is limited to the following employees only: John Treace | Shana Zink | Lisa Kennedy | Hope Walker | Deb Leli | Cara Lyons

We will be charged shipping – those invoices will come to Cara Lyons.

We’ve put this site together to help facilitate ease of ordering for Treace promotional products. Each order received in by 1pm Eastern are typically pulled and shipped within 24-48 hours.

If you have any urgent orders, special instructions, or need to contact the fulfillment house to make a correction in your order – please be sure to contact our account rep, Stacy Dellone @ or (904) 716-1142.

Basic Tutorial

  1. Open your browser and enter the store’s address:
  2. Browse and add items to your cart
  3. After you have added your items, “Proceed to Check Out” or click the “My Cart” option.
  4. Login: This will prompt you to login in. If you don’t have a user account, click the “Register User Account option”.
  5. After logging in, verify the shipping address
  6. Select the shipment method
  7. Verify that all of the items are correct and click “Process Order”.
  8. Credit Card Payment. The last screen is our 3rd Party Payments Gateway. Enter your card information. Once the payment has transacted, you will immediately receive an emailed order confirmation, and your browser will display that the order is being processed.


When will my items ship and how much will I be charged?

Each order received in by 1pm Eastern are typically pulled and shipped within 24-48 hours. Shipping is done by UPS only and the amount charged is based on the weight of your order. The shipping charge will be transparently shown to you during the checkout process.

Is it possible to avoid a shipping charge if I am ordering locally (in JAX)?

Yes, as you are checking out and reach the “Shipping” portion of the checkout – you can select the “Will Call” option. This will enable you to stop by and pick up your order from Horizon Promotional Items. It may be a good idea if several internal folks are ordering same day to work together to assign one person to pick up all orders. Typically items ordered by 1pm are pulled within 24-48 hours. However, if you need a more urgent pick-up / i.e. same day – please be sure to reach out to our account rep, Stacy Dellone to see if that is possible. or (904) 716-1142 Horizon is located at: 9612 Sunbeam Center Dr. Jacksonville, FL 32259 (904) 716-1142

How do I know what size to order when it comes to golf polos?

We are working to add dimensions / size guide to the site to help make ordering easier. Until that is done, we’ve noted the brand name of the shirts. Typically, Calloway shirts run a little large, so if you are between sizes, please size down. Typically, Nike shirts run a little small, so if you are between sizes, please size up.

Are ALIGN 3D items and Certified Scrub tops available on the Employee Company Store website?

No, these items are only on the CORPORATE / FREE site so that distribution can be tightly controlled.

How are returns handled?

Horizon Promotional will perform returns and exchanges, however, they ask that the client requesting the exchange or return cover the shipping costs involved. If the client is local and can stop by their fulfillment center, those costs can be avoided. Horizon is located at: 9612 Sunbeam Center Dr. Jacksonville, FL 32259 (904) 716-1142

What if the item I’m interested in is out of stock?

We’ll do what we can to keep the most popular items in stock at all times, however inventory of certain sizes may become depleted temporarily from time to time. And, less popular items may have limited inventory as well. Be sure to always click the “View Available Inventory” link associated with each item to be sure an item is in stock before placing your order. If an item is out of stock or on backorder, you will be notified after your order is placed and you will be asked if you want to substitute a different size, color, or wait for the item to come back into inventory. (Remember, to help avoid this issue, you can always click the “View Available Inventory” link associated with each item before placing an order.)

What if I have ideas for products to offer on the site?

You may submit ideas to Cara Lyons of Treace @ However, please do understand that it is not possible for Treace to offer all things to all people as we are not in the business of promotional items, we are in the business of 3D Bunion Correction™.

Is Treace marking these items up / making money from these items?

No, Treace offers all items without mark-up. The employee-distributor site will actually feature a discount code for 25% off of the base price of each item.

Can doctors order from this site or can I order for a doctor?

NO. This site is a “free cost / corporate” site and it is never permissible to offer promo items free of charge, or discounted, to doctors. Doctors can order from the employee-distributor site (AT NO DISCOUNT) with their own credit card.

What is the address of the other promo item site that is available to all employees/distributors? Promo codes are available for a 25% discount for our employees and distributors. DOCTORS DO NOT QUALIFY FOR ANY DISCOUNTS IF USING THIS SITE. NO PROMO CODES CAN BE PROVIDED TO DOCTORS IF THIS LINK IS SHARED. TMCXEMP25 – 25% discount will be applied for employees TMCXREP25 – 25% discount will be applied for sales or distributors

What if I have additional questions about the site?

Feel free to contact either Cara Lyons of Treace @ or Stacy Dellone of Horizon Promotional Products @ or (904) 716-1142


Thanks for your interest in our promotional items and we hope you enjoy the new Company Store site.